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Hello and welcome to the web site of Lesley's Designs

About Lesley's Designs

My Name is Lesley Hall and I have been a manufacturing Jeweller for more than 40 Years. In 2001 I set about changing my working life. I sold my jewellery shop which I had owned for nearly 15 years and set up a small jewellery workshop.

I now make all the jewellery by hand in my own workshop many examples of which you will find on this web site. As all my Jewellery is made by hand every item is unique.

I have also always been interested in water colour painting and some years ago I began to learn how to do  botanical painting. I am now a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and also teach botanical painting locally. If anyone would be interested in me teaching either a group course or on a one to one basis please contact me via my Contact Page.

From my interest in botanical painting and my love of gardening has come my interest in making botanical jewellery, which can be seen on the Floral Jewellery page of this site.

You will find many examples of my jewellery on this site. Please browse my site and if you see anything you like then see my Contact Page for details of how to get in touch.

Equally if you have some ideas of your own or have some old pieces of Jewellery that you would like to discuss having re-designed and fashioned into some new pieces then please get in touch via my Contact Page

Please remember that the only thing between you and your very own personalised piece of Jewellery is your own imagination.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Latest news:

I run a regular Botanical Painting course at Mycenae House in Blackheath.

I exhibit at the Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition. My own page is Lesley Hall SBA

In 2015 I was short listed in the Sony World Photographic exhibition. I unfortunately did not win but I was one of 140 on the shortlist out of a total world wide entry of 95,500, so I consider that not a bad out come. You can see the picture here.

I will be at a craft fair at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks on Saturday 11 November and on Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th December. The fair is open from 10am to 4pm on each day  

To see even more of my work please look at either my Facebook or Flickr sites:





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