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Botanical Paintings

After I sold my shop in 2001, for pleasure I studied horticulture with the RHS, this started an interest for me in Botanical painting, and as I was already an accomplished water colour artist the transition to Botanical painting has not been as torturous as I had expected.

By combining my jewellery and botanical painting skills in 2006 I had 2 pieces of Jewellery and 2 paintings accepted for the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition in Westminster Hall London. The following year I had 3 paintings and 2 pieces of jewellery accepted. In 2008 I had 5 pieces of jewellery accepted for the exhibition and I became an Assoc SBA.

In 2009 I had a further 5 pieces of jewellery accepted and I am now a full member of the Society of Botanical Artists. In the years since becoming a member I regularly exhibit my botanical jewellery and paintings at the societies annual exhibition.

It was then suggested by a colleague that I teach botanical painting which I now do and I currently teach a regular class at Mycenae House in Blackheath. I have also taught on a one off basis at Great Comp Gardens in Kent. If a group or individual would be interested in having tuition either on a regular or one off basis then please get in touch.

Here are some examples of my paintings.

Etoile de holland




Etoile de Holland - SOLD

Snowdrops - SOLD

Hibiscus - 175





Orchid - 300 Clematis - SOLD Pyracanthus - 250
Orchids Bird of Paradise Cactus
Orchids - SOLD Bird of Paradise - 250 Cactus - 300
Arum Lily Salvia Hot Lips Hellebore
Arum Lily - 250 Salvia Hot Lips - 300 Hellebore - 250


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